Baptisms & Weddings

Contact Fr. Dolan by phone or in person in order to make these arrangements. Weddings must be scheduled at least six months in advance. “Parents are obliged to see to it that infants are baptized within the first weeks after birth…” (Canon 867)


Each Sunday, beginning one-half hour before Mass (if a second priest is available)
First Friday and First Saturday, one-half hour before Mass
Each Tuesday, from 6 PM to 6:45 PM


Please contact Fr. Dolan or have the funeral director call him.

Visitation of the Sick

Fr. Dolan will bring Holy Communion to the homes of those who are too ill to attend Mass. Please call him to make arrangements. Please note that the Sacrament of Anointing should be administered at the beginning of a serious illness; do not wait until the patient is so ill he is no longer conscious. Every hospital in the diocese has a priest-chaplain for emergency service. Ask the attending nurse for assistance.

Preparing for Baptism

Every parent should be keenly aware of the serious responsibility he has to have his child baptized SOON after birth. The longer a child goes without Baptism, the longer he goes without Sanctifying Grace in his soul, the longer he goes without being a Son of God, the longer he goes without membership in the Church. And remember, Baptism is the initiation into all the other Sacraments as well. Some parents worry over much about choosing the godparents – not because they are worried about finding a virtuous Catholic, but because of purely secular reasons. This is to reduce the Sacrament to a purely secular occasion, like the initiation into a club or a rite of passage. Parents ought never to neglect this serious responsibility. “Parents are obliged to see to it that infants are baptized within the first weeks after birth…” (Canon 867)

Policy for First Confession and First Holy Communion

1)      At least one parent of children who wish to receive these Sacraments must be a practicing Catholic and a registered member of St. John XXIII Parish. The children deserve to be raised within a family where the Catholic Faith is actually lived.

2)     Children will receive these Sacraments in the second semester of second grade. Children preparing for these Sacraments must have completed two years of religious instruction (both first and second grade). First Confession will be administered on the fourth Sunday of Lent and First Communion will be given the third Sunday of May.

3)     If a child transfers into our program from some other religious education program, the level of preparedness of that child must first be determined by the pastor.

4)     In regard to children of home schooling parents: The parents need to speak with the pastor at the beginning of the school year so that he may determine the child’s readiness. Ordinarily, these children will be expected to attend catechism classes with the other children preparing for the Sacraments. Please note that individual first Communions will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances.