Policy for First Confession and First Holy Communion

1) At least one parent of children who wish to receive these Sacraments must be a practicing Catholic and a registered member of Holy Wisdom Parish Latin Mass Community. The children deserve to be raised within a family where the Catholic Faith is actually lived.

2) Children will receive these Sacraments in the second semester of second grade. Children preparing for these Sacraments must have completed two years of religious instruction (both first and second grade). First Confession will be administered on the fourth Sunday of Lent and First Communion will be given the third Sunday of May.

3) If a child transfers into our program from some other religious education program, the level of preparedness of that child must first be determined by the Latin Mass Community chaplain.

4) In regard to children of home schooling parents: The parents need to speak with the chaplain at the beginning of the school year so that he may determine the child’s readiness. Ordinarily, these children will be expected to attend catechism classes with the other children preparing for the Sacraments. Please note that individual first Communions will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances.

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